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To hell and back.

There is no way back.... Currently there are billions of people who can tell you exactly why, as a result of their opposition to their Creator, they must suffer forever. However, they will no longer have the opportunity to tell you that. The people in this video can tell you what the horrifying situation all the wicked are in. That is because in the fall Man was dragged by Satan to eternal punishment. Only faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior can save man that horrific fate. This is the first part of an hour and a half long (Dutch subtitled) video that is divided into three parts. For part two: just follow this link. Part 2
The best evangelists for the wicked are the wicked themselves. Their conscience has already told them who their Creator and Savior is.
Something to think about: it seems that at least half the world is looking for the lost paradise. A paradise about which the Bible teaches us that it was once created by our Creator. So, they definitely want to find back His paradise, but.... that Creator himself? No thanks! Because that same half world definitely does not want to know that there is a Creator! So, who is stupid here? The Creator who shows Himself through that creation, or perhaps that....?