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The deadly Corona myth.

Dear reader,
Have you fallen for it again? Have you blindly believed again what the “news” lied to you? So that you really had no idea that all those numbers about all those “Corona victims” were being sold to you by the “mainstream media”. Who slavishly lied to you what they themselves have slavishly accepted as “truth”. While the real truth was concealed or made fun of. You probably didn't realize that because you expected to see some honest news. However, the news you saw or heard was not news. It was selected news. And that is something quite different!

In my archive, for example, I found a message from 2005 that stated that in Germany alone, 60,000 people die every year from medication. A message that confirmed what I already knew about this so-called “medicines” at the time. The German ARD broadcast company has even paid attention to it at the time. Contrast that with the 8830 “Corona deaths” in Germany as of June 17, 2020. If those 60,000 deaths a year hardly received any attention, why are the “mainstream media” now so upset about, among other things, those 8830 “Corona victims” in Germany? What kind of hypocrisy is this? More about those so-called Corona deaths later.


Edmund Burke and Joseph Goebbels.

“People never give up their freedoms, other than under some delusion.” This is a statement by one Edmund Burke, from the year 1784. What this British politician spoke about at the time is strikingly similar to what is happening to us now. Everyone now experiences what those freedoms are that are being taken away from us. What we now see emerging is a police state in the making, a dictatorship. The delusion that is used for it is the Corona myth. With these actions of the governments in this world, planned for years in advance, they are now trying to establish that planned dictatorship on the world. The characteristics of this terror are now becoming increasingly visible. Among other things, the notorious “emergency laws” make clear what their real intentions are.

In preparation for this, the world's population is beaten down by fear of this nonexistent Corona threat, exactly the kind of delusion Edmund Burke was already referring to! All this to prevent the masses, who can still think for themselves, to revolt. However, it has become clear to me in this phase of world history that masses have already been manipulated and brainwashed by the constant media bombardment of the “mainstream media” that one massively slavishly accepts what one is told. How this works? The Nazi Joseph Goebbels already told in his time that when a lie is repeated often enough, the masses are guaranteed to believe it. As propaganda minister, he knew what he was talking about. Nowadays this is called mind control. We may hope that this spell will be broken in time. By the way, there seems to be more and more resistance against the absolute terror of this delusion.

To immediately expose the applied disinformation, focused on a ludicrous virus theory: all this nonsense is based on the ideas of Louis Pasteur that have since been outdated. He believed that what could be seen with the microscopes of the time (around 1900) were invaders from outside the body. Scientist Antoine Béchamp, on the other hand, had come to the conclusion that what could be seen was the waste products that are secreted by our cells when cleaning or repairing our cells. So: a normal natural process that continues continuously and is part of the repair of damage to damaged or aged body cells. However, the by then already corrupt “modern medicine” opted for Pasteur's version. A story with which one could earn money (through vaccinations). A piece of deception that the governments (it will not have escaped your attention by now!) are trying to push us down our throats. A worldwide deception based on the outdated theories of Louis Pasteur. Who, ironically, admitted towards the end of his life that his opponent, Antoine Béchamp, was indeed right. (“Treat the patient, not the infection.”) In other words, if the human being is healthy, infectious diseases (caused by bacteria) don't stand a chance.


However, what should pass for modern medicine today claims to fight those infections. With vaccinations that only make the misery worse afterwards (by seriously disrupting our chemical household) or do nothing at all. Except of course Bill Gates' vaccinations because they are not meant to kill the infections but to kill people themselves. See the accompanying video clip. In this video, Mr. Bill Gates is proclaiming that Mother Earth must be saved by cleaning up 10-15% of us people. Using his vaccinations, of course. Did you get it? Are we going to let that happen? One Ted Turner (the brains behind CNN) also belongs to the same group of creeps. Because he also wants to stabilize the world population. This worthless dog means nothing more than that most of us will simply have to be exterminated with brute force and comparable “medicines”. Because otherwise we would burden Mother Earth too heavily. As one of the largest (energy-guzzling) landowners in the U.S. however, Mr. Turner has no right to speak. His own lavish lifestyle is in stark contrast to his insane message that our energy consumption is causing a climate disaster. The same also applies to one Al Gore who at the time was sent to us by his clients with his Inconvenient Truth, to spread a non-existent climate-disaster-message to us. Mr. Gore also uses more energy on his own than a desert full of sand-snapping refugees. But it is precisely this kind of poor guys that, according to Bill Gates and Ted Turner, should be cleaned up. And not only these people, because we are also on their death list! Incidentally, the former president of the World Bank and former secretary of state of the USA, Robert McNamara, expressed this planned mass murder as follows: “To limit the global population explosion, drastic measures must be taken, also against the will of the people. The reduction in the birth rate has proved inadequate. Thus, the death rate must be increased by natural means such as hunger and disease. The criminals mentioned have each taken their own resources out of the hat, but their aim is clearly the same!

It is also worth noting that the outdated “global warming” deception is starting to disintegrate over the discovered facts, which meanwhile expose the persistent climate hoax but are jealously kept out of the news by the equally corrupt news media. Therefore, these gangsters have resorted to a new weapon. That new weapon is the Corona myth. And that's why the world is currently being bombarded with “news” about it. The statements of both gentlemen in the video above therefore date from the time when their “global warming” deception still worked. That nonsense is now outdated.

Meanwhile, the world's governments are fanatically throwing mud at anyone who dares to attack this lie campaign. The False Campaign of the Global Corona Deception: exactly the kind of delusion that Edmund Burke spoke of back in 1784! So it was about to come: while Louis Pasteur is being praised, I read here and there the expected slander about Antoine Béchamp that he had somewhat lost his way.


Mass murder.

Anyone who wonders what causes all those Corona victims to die: the so-called healthcare has a box full of tricks up its sleeve, while it is firmly claimed that these people died from the Corona virus. That is a lie. Mind control is the key and people are falling for it en masse. Incidentally, this covert killing of their victims has been practiced for decades by what in this world passes for health care. ”However, it is a mass murder industry. My father was an insider in that world at the time. He was aware of this and told us in the 1970s about these murder practices that would give a normal thinking person nightmares. Add to that the 60,000 deaths per year (in Germany alone) due to medication use! Health care in this world has by far the most deaths on his (or her) conscience every year! More than died in the entire Second World War. In other words, it is utopian to think that this mass murder industry would defend our interests. What they do want to achieve with those vaccinations, Bill Gates clearly stated in the video.

A former CEO of a very large pharmaceutical company repented after retirement and once confessed that roughly 95 percent of all medicines produced worldwide are complete rubbish. Which, at best, only suppress the symptoms. That looks like a cure, but is actually the cause of even more misery. And that kind of health care makes good money! In other words, it is a modified form of chemical warfare. Thus (in Germany alone) 60,000 people are intentionally killed every year. But that's not what we hear from that brainwashed “mainstream media”!

In order to keep this mass murder out of the news, it is determined daily which news you will, but also which news you will definitely not get to see or hear. Again, that's not news. That is selected news. And that is something quite different. Meanwhile, brainwashed masses of people walk to the doctor daily with their ailments. Not knowing that this doctor is only in service of the monster who calls himself “health care,” but is absolutely not.

Now that we are almost halfway through the year 2020 at the time of writing, another new Corona revival is predicted, according to the reports that have come to my attention. Predicted? No, such a new Corona wave is not predicted but planned. Because a non-existent pandemic cannot be predicted, but it can be planned. So that the world's population will be paralyzed by fear again with the help of another media bombardment. Very likely to be able to push through those murder plans (= vaccinations) of Mr. Bill Gates. We will see.

For those who have not yet seen and heard it: if you still want to know what kind of nice guys are walking around on this world, you should watch the accompanying video in preparation for the next media wave.

I wish you a lot of “viewing pleasure”! emoticon

With regards,
the webmaster.

Something to think about: it seems that at least half the world is looking for the lost paradise. A paradise about which the Bible teaches us that it was once created by our Creator. So, they definitely want to find back His paradise, but.... that Creator himself? No thanks! Because that same half world definitely does not want to know that there is a Creator! So, who is stupid here? The Creator who shows Himself through that creation, or perhaps that....?