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The deadly Corona myth.

Dear reader,
On this page I had written my findings regarding the worldwide Corona Theater. In view of the current developments and the clearly reduced visitor numbers on that page, I have decided to focus entirely on the main topic of this site again. See the links above. For those who still want to know what kind of nice guys there are in this world, I have left the accompanying video.

I wish you a lot of “viewing pleasure”! emoticon

the webmaster.

Something to think about: it seems that at least half the world is looking for the lost paradise. A paradise about which the Bible teaches us that it was once created by our Creator. So, they definitely want to find back His paradise, but.... that Creator himself? No thanks! Because that same half world definitely does not want to know that there is a Creator! So, who is stupid here? The Creator who shows Himself through that creation, or perhaps that....?