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Dear reader,

Have you found something on this site that appeals to you and do you want more explanation? Do you have comments about something or well-meant criticism? Was your hair suddenly in hurricane mode because of something that you encountered on this site? Do you believe that something is missing? Then you will find the opportunity to make this known on this page.

However: this website (gelovendoenweallemaal.nl) is intended solely for the purpose of transferring information, which is virtually the only thing you can use a website like this for. By the way, only questions that are directly related to the content of this site will be answered by me. Even if you don't have any real questions and you just want to post comments, it is possible that I will not respond to them. May be you have come across some firm statements on this site. During my search for the foundations of contemporary “Christianity” I often come across sacred houses for which in the Bible I cannot find any right to exist.
That in such a case I will not work with velvet gloves on is therefore in line with expectations. Incidentally, that has provoked angry reactions more than once because people felt that their honor was compromised.

Nevertheless, I shall go on with it, even if the way in which this happens does not have everyone's appreciation. However, do not expect a detailed explanation about my person. Oh yes, one more thing: in the year in which I wrote these rules (2019) I turned sixty. So I was born in the same year that this old acquaintance was first seen on the roads. So I'm not an old man yet, but I'm definitely not a rookie either. By the way: those who contact me through this page and receive an answer from me, will get an answer including my name. So I'm not playing hide and seek because... I am too old for that.

With best regards,
The webmaster.

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